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"Hot Jamm'n Damma"  $39

'Savoury  Blackberry'

with a Saucy Swirly Spoon & Bowl

"Wendell Estate Honey"    

1kg     Jar  $32

340g   Jar  $16

250g   Jar  $12

Pure, fresh, natural honey.

A raw honey, harvested from one of the world's finest apiaries.

Rich textures paired with sumptuous flavour.

The work of world-class artisans.

The wisdom of over 60 years of perfecting our craft.

A smooth, delicious honey, unlike any you've ever tasted.Type your paragraph here.

Untamed Feast 

Porcini       $13.95  

Morel         $15.95 

"Mitchell's Soup"

$8 ea or 3/$20

Gift Pack Canadian Wild Smoked Salmon  $49.00

Canadian Maple Syrup

Hockey Glass    $16.95